Access your inner wisdom by opening to Love


Connect Deeply to Self through Spirit

The most important aspect and foundation of my Shamanic Healing practice and teaching is the wisdom and life force within Mitakuye Oyasin; To All My Relations or we- all life-are related.

Connected by the elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water and by the energy of consciousness, all life on Earth and the Universe itself is connected. There is no separation. The concept of Reciprocity honors and feeds our relationship to ourselves and to all other beings. Growing into an awareness of our relationships, honored through acts of reverence and reciprocity lays the framework for healing- for all.


Listening in Tune with Spirit


What People are Saying about Jody

Jody works really hard to give of herself and provide what each individual needs on their path to healing and discovery. She listens very deeply and is extremely wise and kind.
Jody caters to each individual needs by connection through communication and listening as well as being open.
Jody’s tools offered insight, oversight, and a view into the bigger picture and purpose behind the hardship. It enabled me a way to keep my ‘eyes on the prize’.
Jody’s insightful knowledge has been a blessing to receive.
Jody is intuitively sensitive to others spirituality and fosters personal recognition of a loving universal Creator.
Jody will always be in our hearts and memories for helping us make our marriage ceremony a memorable day.
Jody was an amazing officiant/chaplain, but we have continued to work together for shamanic healing and energy work.
Jody created a door way to open beautiful new opportunities for me in the best ways possible.

Co-Create with Jody & Spirit

Jody collaborates with you and Spirit to create meaningful, moving and deeply personal ceremonies for any life event. 

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